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    Wooden Puzzle™️

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    A puzzle, worth framing.

    Our handcrafted animal puzzle, redefines the way puzzles are made. Each made with unique and individual animal pieces, you'll be amazed at the attention to detail when building your WoodenPuzzle.  

    Pick your animal and size and enjoy the building the most beautiful of puzzles ever made.


      Each puzzle piece has its own unique shape. 

      All parts are cut from birch plywood so you can feel and smell the woody aroma.

      Perfect for adults and children ❤️

      Thoughtful and unique gift. 


    Which puzzle will you pick?


    ✓ A3: 42x29 cm (168 pcs)

    ✓ A4: 29x21 cm (117 pcs)



    Wooden Puzzle™️