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    Pencil Dispenser Case

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    Do you want a stylish and practical pencil case that can hold most of your child's drawing supplies? Then check out our 8 in 1 Pens Storage Box!
    It features a five-color button design, with the pencils able to be removed from the case. The ruler and eraser are also easy to get to, and both have their own special place in the pencil case! Lightweight and portable, this 8 in 1 Pencil Dispenser Case is perfect for drawing on the go. This way you will always know which color pencil you have while always keeping them sharp which will make them last longer and decrease the need for sharpening your "drawing tools" . 

    With this Pencil Dispenser Case your kid will spend more time drawing than looking for the right color and sharpening it once they do. 

    Package Contains:

    • 1 x Pencil Dispenser Case


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    Pencil Dispenser Case