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    Multifunctional Sink Wrench

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    Multifunctional Sink Wrench
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    #Top Quality. Excellent Waterpipe Wrench.

    (Suitable for quick disassembly and assembly of water heaters, faucets, sinks, and other joints.)

    Get the benefit of having a multifunctional tool that can fix loose water pipes and joints. Now you can have the tool that will make your life easier as it can easily fix any pipe problems at home.

    • Durable as it is made of reinforced engineering plastics with excellent toughness and strength. 

    • Materials are added with a non-slip texture design that can also resist damage from falling.

    • A multifunctional water pipe wrench suitable for more than 99% of types of nuts used in your house plumbing. You can use it to fix any loose bolts and nuts at home.

    • The head of the wrench is made of aluminum alloy for maximum efficiency and toughness when using.

    • The wrench is also designed with a convenient double-level bubble which is highly needed when mounting objects.

    • The wrench can be folded when fixing small pipe corners, and small spaces with less distance leverage. 

    • Is designed with four magnets to make sure it won’t slip when fixing metal as it attached perfectly to metal surfaces. 

    • The best tool for a variety of fixing needed to be done.

    • Will give you peace of mind because you don’t need to buy another tool to do another fixing job. This is an 18 n 1 Waterpipe Wrench.

    Materials & Specifications

    Material: Plastic, Zinc-aluminum alloy
    Size: 235 * 57mm / 9.25 * 2.24 ''

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