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    Handmade Serbian Chef's Knife

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    Handmade Serbian Chef's Knife
    This heavy-duty Serbian chef's knife is all you need to feel like a real chef. It was voted as 2018's best chef's knife. 

    Handmade Multipurpose Serbian Chef's Knife
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    *Voted 2018's Best Chef's Knife*

    A hand-forged, exclusive Serbian chef's knife is all you need to feel like a professional chef in your own kitchen, cooking your humble everyday meals.
    This mind-blowingly stunning knife will be the first thing people notice in your kitchen and you better know the history behind it to impress them even more.

    Firstly, it was voted as 2018's best chef's knife. Secondly, professional blacksmiths hand-forged it from Serbian Sarschach Steel using ancient quenching technology from the far east.
    You could even cut through wood with this hardened carbon steel blade, which is made to provide extreme sharpness throughout many years of use. The rust on the blade is an edgy touch to remind you how unique the knife is and how it was made.

    It cuts smoothly, effortlessly and momentarily, which is all we look for in a chef's knife. You will never need another knife in your lifetime!


    Hand-made: The exclusive knife was forged, ground and heat treated by hand using ancient techniques.

    Rigidity: HRC60±2, which is much higher than the standard HRC52±2 for knives made mechanically. The repeated hammering done by blacksmiths enhanced the rigidity and density of the knife.

    Multifunctionality: It could be used to slit anything you want and could even be used outdoors to cut wood.

    Sharpness: The blade has a long-lasting sharpness thanks to the hard-working professional blacksmiths who used natural knife grinders.

    Blade: It is high carbon steel, which makes it wear resistant and durable. Thanks to the way it was made, the blade will stand tough through anything.




      Hey, you see the rust on the surface of the blade.
      This is normal because it is handmade high carbon steel. 


      Additional Details 

      Blade length: 17 cm

      Blade width: 10 cm (The widest point)

      Blade thickness: 4 mm

      Net weight: 435 g

      Material : Handmade Forged High-carbon Clad Steel .

      Handle: Full Tang integrated steel shank + wood + rivet fixing

      Characteristics : Razor Sharp for easy paper cutting

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