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    Nintendo Switch Charging Storage Stand

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    Store Accessories While Charging Controllers And Joy-Con's

    Our Nintendo Switch Charging Storage Stand™ will charge your Pro Controllers, Joy-Con's and PokéBalls while storing additional accessories.


    LED Charge Indication


     charging stand for nintendo switch tower stand

    This design makes it simple to store your setup

    Simultaneously charge your controllers and Joy-Con's to remain ready to play

    Our Charging Storage Stand is amongst the best accessories you could get for your Nintendo Switch right now. Our Stand might look extreme at first and that's because it does so much for you and your Nintendo Switch. This accessory will be common for the years to come, as it will always charge Nintendo Type-C controllers, Joy-Con's and Poke Ball's.
    Our Charging Stand allows you to store 8 games, which we keep our go-to games stored on ours. This makes it easy and convenient to switch through physical games. If you buy digital, this stand still comes in useful for the rapid charging capabilities it brings.

    Benefits Of Our Charging Stand

    Faster charging

    Remove risk of losing items

    Store 8 games

    Improves organization

    Improves Switch dock's balance

    Houses Switch, games, controllers and Poke-balls

    Nintendo switch storage stand charging controller pokeball plus


    • 4 Joy-Con Charging Slots
    • 2 Pro Controller Charging Slots
    • Store up to 8 Game Cases
    • 2 Additional Controller Hangers
    • Removable Pokeball Holder
    • Slidable Bottom For Switch Dock
    • Sturdy And Compact Design
    • 6 Charging Indication Lights

    nintendo switch charging stand pokeball holder

    safe nintendo switch accessories


    Nintendo Switch Charging Storage Stand