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     Have you seen a piggy bank that will chew?
    Funny shape, plastic material, rich colors. Add a touch of fun to your savings

    Piggy bank that will eat coins

    An extremely vivid face, put the coin into its open mouth, it makes chewing and swallowing action until the coin is swallowed into its belly, looking at the funny face, you can't help but cast it Eat it!

    Light sensing sensor

    The sensor is only sensitive to a specific target (such as a human hand/coin). When the coin is delivered to its mouth, it will start chewing and swallowing the coin.

    Fun gameplay waiting for you to unlock

    Speed of eating coins
    (The coin needs to be placed in the middle of the mouth. If it is too far, it needs to be chewed 2-3 times to go down.)
    1. Big coins eat faster
    2. The speed of eating a dollar coin is normal.
    3. Small coins eat slowly


    Creative gifts, face piggy bank.

    Let the children develop the habit of saving money and managing money, develop a rational consumption concept, and send gifts to friends and family.

    Product specifications

    • Product weight: 0.35kg
    • Packing size: 10×10×10.8CM
    • Product size: 9.5 × 9.5 × 9.8CM
    • Gross/net weight: 23.00/21.00 (KGS)

    Packaging includes

    • Product packaging: color box


      • This product uses 2 AA batteries(Not Included)

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