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    Bumble Bug Lure

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    Bumble Bug Lure
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    Bumble Bug Lure is a walking topwater bait that mimics small amphibians, birds and large bugs as they crawl along the surface. Tackle enthusiasts may be familiar with this type of lure, many Japanese companies have released similar "crawling" topwater baits in the past most often to mimic the Cicada's which are a very popular food source for bass around the world. As you work the lure back to the boat, you'll be amazed at the manner in which this lure moves - it's is really quite astonishing how realistic its movements look.
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    Not only is it going side to side or splashing around, but it's also actually rolling as it wobbles back to the angler. Creates a noticeable wake along the surface and it's rattle chambers inside are just another added bonus that creates an extra level of attraction. Speaking of noise, while the rattles are great, what really interested us was the noise created as the bait splashed the water. It's not something any of our staff has ever remembered seeing before - different from a buzzbait or popper or any other topwater lure to date.

    PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Bumble Bug Lure

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