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    Bloom Napkin Folder

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    Amazing, right? 3-Seconds Quick Transformation
    Simple Napkins Turn into Romantic Roses
    Impress your Family and Guests with a Unique Table Setting.

    Make your family dinner experience even more perfect with this Bloom Napkin Folder.

    Turn any paper napkin into a rose, a rosebud, a tulip, or an elegant calla lily. No napkin-folding expertise required; simply grab any napkin, fold it as directed, slip it into a Bloom holder, and give the stem a quick twist. Green plastic stems are 8" long. Sold as a set.

    Why Choose 3-Second Quick Bloom Napkin Folder?

    You invite people over for dinner. You make some food and set the table elegantly. How hard can it really be to fold a napkin nicely? After messing around with paper and wrinkled napkins, you sigh deeply and simply resort to placing a paper towel roll on the table in frustration. Or else, you can arrange a decorative table in an instant with our Bloom Napkin Holder!

    Make your family dinner experience even more¬†perfect¬†with this¬†Bloom Napkin Folder.¬†It instantly transforms an ordinary paper napkin into a¬†beautiful¬†flower! Amazing, right? And so¬†easy¬†to make ‚Äďsimply fold, insert and twist! Viola! Impress your family and guests with a unique table setting.

    • Create¬†lovely blooming folded flowerson your table setup
    • It¬†functions as a napkin holder¬†&¬†a table decoration ‚Äďat the same time!
    • Replace common napkin rings with¬†aninnovative¬†and¬†fresh design
    • EASY 3-STEP METHOD ‚Äďfold, insert and twist into a flower!
    • Craft different floral types¬†that you want, from tulips to roses, calla lilies and more.
    • Set it up¬†on a plate, in a champagne glass or vase¬†for¬†added sophistication.
    • Perfect for all occasions¬†‚Äďparties, reunions, dinners, and events.

    No matter what the occasion, surprise your guests with a blooming dinner table!


    • Material: ABS plastic
    • Net Weight: 37 g
    • Color: Green
    • Package Inclusion/s: Choose Your Bundle..


    1. Fold the paper napkin into a triangle.
    2. Insert the folded napkin in the center bud.
    3. Next, rotate gently to form into a flower.


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    Bloom Napkin Folder