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    Any Surface Sweep & Squeegee Broom

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    Save time cleaning with the Any Surface Broom, effortlessly collecting pet hair or cleaning up liquids without wasting time with dirty mop water, the rubber bristles don't wear down like traditional broom bristles.

    • Strong Rubber Bristles, Make Scrubbing Effortless
    • Electrostatic Instantly Collects Pet Hair
    • Machine Washable, Prevent Wear & Tear
    • Save Time, Throw Away Your Dirty Mop Bucket
    • Built-In Squeegee
    • Clean Hard To Reach Windows

    Replacing the need for any Vacuum, Broom, Squeegee or Mop, it will save you money on single-use swiffers or any other cleaning products while making washing any floor surface effortless.

    The Any Surface Broom is great for pet owners, housekeepers or just general cleaning use. With the ability to clean liquids of hard surfaces or collect pet hair in seconds, this is the next generation tool of household cleaning.

    The Broom Handle is fully adjustable from 27.6 to 50.1 inches, making any ceilings or windows easy to reach.


    Material: P
    lastic-Sprayed Iron, Rubber Bristles
    Adjustable Handle - 21.6 Inches To 50.1 Inches
    Broom Head Size - 32cm x 3cm

    Any Surface Sweep & Squeegee Broom