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    Aircraft Expansion Anchor Bolt (50PCS)

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    Usage Scenarios

    • Applicable to gypsum board, benzene board, decorative panel, asbestos board, hollow board, solid board and other materials on the window curtain installation, lamp installation, object fixation, can also cross embroidery, picture frame, ornaments, ornaments, art pendant installation and other multiple functions of the installation play a good role in fixing

    Using Methods

    1. First drill holes in the hollow wall
    2. Insert anchor bolt
    3. Align the anchoring thing with the anchor bolt, insert the screw and turn it clockwise
    4. Until the screw can't be twisted


      • Nylon
      • Expansion tube (without screws)
      • white
      Product Size
      • The expansion tube has a total length of 50mm, an outer diameter of 7-13mm, and an inner hole diameter of 3.8 mm.
      Package Contents
      • 50 PCS
      Aircraft Expansion Anchor Bolt (50PCS)