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    3D Paper Carving Night Lights

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    3D Paper Carving Night Lights

    Not just a light, it is more like a Work of Art, a Fairy Tale!

    The 3D Paper Carving Night Lights features a sculpture paper, overlay assembly, light and shadow effects creation.

    Safe night lighting, let you stay away from tripping, perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallwaysgarage or any dark corner.

    Multi contours layers overlay to formed a dreamy soft light, each layer has a unique silhouette design. It will be a powerful embodiment of artistic appreciation.

    The lovely luminescent art makes the perfect light to build a dreamlike and warm atmosphere. It is best for darker surroundings to have a better visual effect.

    3D Paper Carving Night Lights

    • 3D paper carving art presents a fantastic visual experience
    • Detachable design allows changing the picture at any time
    • closed light source for uniform light, not dazzling

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